Friday, June 22, 2012

Building a career in IT as an Engineer

Introduction / Who should read this?
This content will help those people who are still at  Pre / Under/ Non graduation level  and want to build their career in IT.

Step1:  Choose friends who are career oriented not necessarily IT, but someone who is focused and planned towards their long term dreams.

Step2:  Prefer playing games/puzzles/tricks/ all possible entertainment using a computer. This will help you to get familiar with the system at the same time relieves you stress from your regular studies or work.

Step 3: Keep a constant eye on few magazines related to IT and try follow at least 1-5 articles being posted consistently. Try share the same to your friends CIRCLE, so that when you guys meet with each other few minutes will go in discussing about each others interest and in a way get more site on the contents from other magazines too.

Step 4: Plan your time in a day at the beginning of the day and try stick to as much as you can. Do not prefer to change the plan. Plan even your breaks, lunch, entertainment to start with as it does not require any special knowledge or for that matter will not have any hurdles.

Step 5: Find a reading room / general library and try build a habit of visiting it regularly and try read the contents of your interests, this keeps your learning habit to grow towards attaining more focus and generates lots of questions in your mind and also leaves a way to meet similar people like you.

Step 6: Try choose a game of your interest and try consume some calories , which helps to maintain the physical fitness and helps to get close to your friends to discuss your opinions and ideas to get or share more details.

Step 7:  Try improve yourself in refreshing your self on arithmetic and metal abilities, specially interests/time-and-distance/puzzles/percentages/number theories /etc.. This will leave you to make you ready for any of the competitive exams in IT as well as Any.

Step 8: Find out in your near city where the discussions/gatherings are happening in the IT and attend them. If you are not aware of any try find in GOOGLE to find out the groups available around you on this aspect and join them and there by things can flow as desired.

Step 9: Try identify the MUDA  ( wastage of time/money/efforts/energy) and act on removing it as it is the only way towards the improvement. You have to be aware of it as it is the present and clear for you. Then make out a plan by doing some changes to your regular and daily plans and habits and make changes so as to attain a significant obvious improvement.

Step 10: You have to spent maximum possible hours in doing some thing rather saying I saw something. Avoid saying I have saw/see something, rather prefer saying I did something and I deliver something. i.e. for anything you do make sure there is a deliverable.

Step 11:  Look for people for whom you can help based on the knowledge that you already have. This way your explanation and presentation skills gets improved.

Step 12:  If you have the internet facility try obtain knowledge through videos/ pod casts available. As they have been prepared by the experts in the relevant industry or concept. You need to be selective to get these from specific websites like YOUTUBE / ITUNES . There are lot of contents available on the internet.

Step 13: Refresh your knowledge time-to-time to avoid getting out of sync. The knowledge which is not being used for long time will become week and slowly gets out of your mind. So choose a best a way and time how and when you keep refreshing on the knowledge you have.

Step 14: Share and publish your resolutions and commitments to the larger audience, This will helps to you to stick to your plans with an implicit force.

Step 15:  Always try prefer to do the task on which your 80% brain is really focused first, otherwise even if you do other things you would not succeed in it. Once done with respective entertainment/break/habit/ either good or bad do it first and then make your self 100% focused for the real task under plan.

Monday, August 9, 2010


What is your name ::: – tunjo nalo cha aye?
Had your lunch? ::: - roti khadi kina? / Neran (lunch) kayo kina?
Great ::: daddo sutho

power is gone ::: halee vai
she has come ::: acchie vai (female)
He had come ::: acchie vio (male)
Achhi bath hein (hindi) ::: sutthi gal aaheh

Saturday, August 7, 2010

HTTPS support for AMF on blazeds

How to support HTTPS communication between SWF and BlazeDS when used AMF protocol.

1. Place the below in services tag.

<default-channels><br /><channel ref="my-secure-amf"/><br /></default-channels><br /><br />2. Place below in channels tag.<br /><br /><channel-definition id="my-secure-amf" class="mx.messaging.channels.SecureAMFChannel"><br /><endpoint url="https://{}:{server.port}/{context.root}/messagebroker/amfsecure" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.SecureAMFEndpoint"/><br /><properties><br /><add-no-cache-headers>false</add-no-cache-headers><br /></properties><br /></channel-definition>

Important Note:
"add-no-cache-headers" will solve problems when used in Internet Explorer.

For File download/ Image previews mention below:

Comment the below
//response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.1
//enable max-age = 0
response.setHeader("Cache-Control", "max-age=0");
//prevents caching at the proxy server

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Browser Compatibility Issues with IE,Opera, Mozilla, Safari

#1. Unable to scroll using mouse scroll button

Tip: Get rid of wmode='opaque' in the embed/object tag. But this may have other impacts on the HTML preview issues in case IFRAME/DOM is used in the same application.
"src", "playerProductInstall",
"FlashVars", "MMredirectURL="+MMredirectURL+'&MMplayerType='+MMPlayerType+'&MMdoctitle='+MMdoctitle+"",
"width", "100%",
"height", "100%",
"align", "middle",
"id", "SampleApp",
"quality", "high",
"bgcolor", "#000000",
"name", "SampleApp",
"type", "application/x-shockwave-flash",
"pluginspage", "",
"wmode", "opaque"

#2a. Session not carried in Mozilla/ Opera / Safari
#2b. Problems with file upload http requests

Tip: Append jsessionid to the http request
For example,;jsessionid=1xederere454kkr45kfktrtr444.

#3a. Screen distortions when used scrollbar
#3b. Screen overlap issues when used mixed containers and components

Tip: Replace the existing container like vbox, hbox to Canvas or embed the existing container with in Canvas container.

<mx:Canvas id="newlyintroduced" width="100%" height="100%">

<mx:VBox id="mainVbx" verticalScrollPolicy="off">
--existing container which has screen distortion on scroll using mouse scroll button.


#4. File Download/export not working in Flash Player 9/10

Tip: Use the combination jsessionid and navigateToURL.
For example,
navigateToURL( new URLRequest("/context/reportExportServlet"+ ";jsessionid="+ ModelLocator.jSessionId+"?filename="+fileName));

#5. Problems with IFRAME and HTML preview

Tip: As flash based html editors are yet to be matured to handle or support basic features of DOM based HTML editors. When using DOM based editors in Flex , extreme care should be taken to create and destroy IFRAME objects.